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                                                                             Big Events in LANP

In 2012

Feb. 29th    The Leadership from Yue Qing Economic Development Zone came to examine the "Five type temams and groups"

Feb. 28th    Awarded "Exploit Enterprise","Harmonious Enterprise","Advanced Unit of Safe Production" of Yue Qing Economic Development Zone of 2011 year

Feb. 27th    Moved into new office block

In 2011

Oct. 27th - 29th , held a debate competition about LANP culture

Oct. 23th - 24th , had a QS check by QS examine team for South Car Qingdao Sifang Co.,Ltd

Oct.22th , a startup meeting of industrial lighting project was held

Oct. 8th  , held a meeting about the enterprise culture

Sept. 30th , Awarded Zhejiang Electric Trade Association Partisan

Sept. 27th , Awarded Zhejiang "An Kang CUP"

Sept. 15th , Successfully passed the annal audit"Occupation ,Quality ,Environment " Management System

Sept. 13th , Had the "Occupation ,Quality ,Environment " Management System Audit

Aug. 22nd , President Hu is awarded as the Yue Qing Third Excellent Builder of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics 

Aug. 11st ,  Company's First Sports Meeting

Aug. 9th   ,  Leaders from Yue Qing Government came to LANP and warmly welcomed

July 16th  ,  LANP's Fourth Engineering Construction (staff quarter )starts

July  3th   ,  One-day travel to Nan Qing River to celebrate the 90th Party building

July  1st   ,  Held a meeting about sports meeting start-up

June  3rd ,  New Guard Room Movement

June  2nd ,  Leaders from MOR and Bst and Nanjing Acceptance check room came to LANP

May  21st ,  IRIS System implementation meeting

May  19th ,  Leader from MOR came to give us a safety surveillance training about rolling stock products

May 18th , Leaders from Liu Shi came to LANP for inspecting the status of rolling stock industries.

May  16th - 18th , IRIS internal auditor training.

May 9th - 14th , Auditing for QMS,EMS and OHSAS.

May 6th , "Joining and Togethering" show

Apr. 30th ,  Commendation Meeting for Year 2010

Apr. 14th , Leaders from He Bei Government, came to LANP and consulted for investing.

Mar. 15th , Awarded the Sample Team and Group of "Five Type"Team and Group of Year 2010, and the Superior Team and Group of "Five Type"Team and Group of Year 2010.

Mar. 8th , Have an informal discussion for "Women's Day"

Mar. 5th , Awarded "Standarded built sample flat for Yue Qing Trade Union"

Mar. 1st , An Edit Group was founded, and issued LANP's first edition LANP newspaper.

Feb. 15th , FAI for Project 798 lamp P by BST.

Feb. 14th - 15th , FAI for Project 798 underneath cabinet by BST.

Jan. 18th , Awarded "New Hi-tech Enterprise of Year 2010"

Jan. 18th, Awarded "Star Enterprise of Year 2010"

Jan. 7th , gethered the staffs and celebrated the birthdays together

Jan. 5th , Leaders for Yue Qing came to LANP for directing the "Safety Enterprise ".

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